Centennial Park and Eastern Suburbs Sydney Bootcamp
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If you have been thinking about getting in shape and losing weight, but you keep putting it off, now is the time. Tomorrow is another day that can be used to either do something good for your body or carry on the same way. So if you're not happy with your current state of fitness and bodyshape, then now is the time!

Training at 6am means nothing can get in the way in the afternoon. You'll feel great for the rest of the day and research has shown that training in the morning can motivate you to eat better throughout the day.

We all know that traditional gyms can be boring and more often than not you won't see any results because you're left to fend for yourself or pay extortionate amounts of money for a 1 hour session with a personal trainer.

At Fitta Bodies Bootcamp, you can train with us for a whole week for almost half the cost of 1 personal training session. Our high intensity results driven group personal training classes operate 5 days a week.

We meet every weekday morning at 6am in Centennial Parklands outside the Lang Rd gates

  • Reach fitness levels you didn't think possible
  • Burn a serious amount of calories
  • Increase whole body strength
  • Develop phenomenal core strength
  • Have loads of fun with like minded people
  • Enjoy the variety of training to keep you motivated
  • Be instructed at every one of your workouts by a professional trainer
  • No need to find motivation to exercise on your own
  • Enjoy peace of mind, knowing that every one of your workouts has been worthwhile
  • Escape the boredom of traditional gym memberships
  • Expert nutritional advice for weight loss, improved energy levels and better health
  • No gimmicks, no hype, no outrageous claims, just serious results
  • No lock in contracts, no long term commitments, just pay week to week when you choose to return

Today is the day to say yes to a making difference in your life by getting fitter, leaner and healthier with each and every one of your workouts!

I look forward to leading you on your life changing journey.

Troy Shipsey
Owner and head trainer

High intensity cross training workout run by a certified CrossFit instructor, guaranteed to fast track your results!
Get your fists flying, your heart rate pumping and shred those calories with everyone's favourite boxing workout.
This awesome whole body workout helps tone and sculpt whilst giving special attention to the core to help that 6 pack pop!
These heavy ropes give you an intense cardio, abs and arms workout designed to tone and build a stronger, leaner body.
We use Kettlebells, sandbags, TRX straps, box jumps, medicine balls and much more to give you a strength and cario blast!
If it's cardio fitness you want then this class is for you. Running, intervals, skipping, hills and anything else that gets the heart rate pumping!
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